Monday, January 24, 2011


Welcome to Donut Girl’s first ever blog posting!

do·nut girl [doh-nuht gurl] n.

1.  a member of the Salvation Army's all-girl group who provided fresh doughnuts to weary soldiers in the trenches of Montiers, France, during WWI

2.  a hard-rockin’ gal from Kansas City who creates stylish sweets with eco- and animal-friendliness in mind

I am venturing into the world of blogging to share my journey toward my ultimate goal:  opening a fun and stylish bakery with an emphasis on organic, local, and animal-friendly products. 

I currently have an active Facebook page for Donut Girl, but I am finding my posts are occasionally too “wordy” for the FB format, so this will allow me more freedom to vent the successes, fails, and fun that I have in the kitchen and the business world.

My culinary focus is primarily cookies and cupcakes.  I use organic flour, Shatto milk (Osborn, Missouri), Campo Lindo eggs (Lathrop, Missouri), and fresh, animal-friendly ingredients whenever possible.  I have been experimenting lately with vegan cookies, and I foresee small-batch, couture DONUTS on the horizon.  I figure I better follow-through on the “Donut Girl” moniker, right?  I have a graphic design background, so I place a strong focus on the aesthetics of the sweets in addition to making them delicious.

I am currently in the MBA Entrepreneurship program at UMKC, learning everything I can to help make my business a successful one. I also work a full-time day job. This all leaves little time for filling orders, but I DO take custom orders on a limited basis.



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