Friday, January 28, 2011


Charlotte - she takes after my love of sweets

Thank you to those who took the survey! The winner for best write-in comment in the "other" section goes to whomever suggested I post more on Lars Ulrich. Well played.

Well, I am not one to disappoint my fans, so in addition to this week's cute cat photo, I give you this, anonymous poster:

Lars Ulrich - drummer for Metallica (1981 - present)


Oh, Lars.  My middle-high school crush. I was so in love with you.  It would be way too easy to post about the negative stuff surrounding Mr. Ulrich: Napster blah blah blah, but I would never bad-mouth my first love.

I drove my mom's mini-van to the (then) Fairmont Hotel when Metallica was in town for Lollapalooza 1996.  I was 16, and I was on a mission.  With me I had a painting I had done of Lars spitting water across the stage in silhouette.  I was wearing some synthetic fabric awful dress that was black with red dragons all over it...because I wanted to look like I belonged at the fancy hotel, and that I wasn't just some crazy fan.  I marched my way to the front desk and in my best adult voice requested that they deliver the gift to a one "Mr. Lars Ulrich".  The lady behind the desk said there was no one staying there under that name. I knew better!  She was just covering for him! I told her to keep the painting at the front desk and give it to him when he arrived...and I left.  I returned several days later to find the painting had NOT been delivered, but I was able to retrieve it.  Thankfully, the following year, I was the lucky recipient of backstage passes to the after show meet-and-greet when they came back to play at Kemper Arena.  Bassist Jason Newstead was the only band member to appear at the event, but I successfully delivered the painting to him, and he promised to give it to Lars.  He said he would put it in his road case.  Flash forward to 2000:  Dallas, TX.  I was again fortunate enough to acquire backstage passes to yet another Metallica show, this time I think it was for different reasons:  we were 2, 20-year-old girls, and it was James Hetfield's birthday party that night.  (cough) The things I witnessed that night are irrelevant to the story, but I do know that I managed to finally meet my high-school love and ask him myself if he had indeed received my painting.

So, what does this story have to do with baking?  NOTHING!  I'm just here to give the people what they want.  Look for more dessert-related posts starting Monday.  xoxo
Oh, Lars.  Don't look so sad.  Your private jet and groupies will be along shortly.


  1. Razors edge
    Outlines the dead
    Incisions in my head
    Anticipation the stimulation
    To kill the exhilaration
    Close your eyes
    Look deep in your soul
    Step outside yourself a
    And let your mind go
    Frozen eyes stare deep in your mind as you die
    Close your eyes
    And forget your name
    Step outside yourself
    And let your thoughts drain
    As you go insane, insane
    Inert flesh
    A bloody tomb
    A decorated splatter brightens the room
    An execution a sadist ritual
    Mad intervals of mind residuals
    Close your eyes
    Look deep in your soul
    Step outside yourself
    And let your mind go
    Frozen eyes…