Monday, March 14, 2011

Almond "Piggies"

There's one good thing that can be said for being strapped for cash:  it REALLY forces you to get creative with some things!

Mike and I bypassed our usual Saturday night date at our favorite veg restaurant in KC, Eden Alley, and I made some super-cheap spaghetti and "meat" sauce instead.  For dessert I was fortunate enough to have the ingredients for a recipe I've been wanting to test:  Pignoli Almond Cookies.  I started calling them "piggies", cause all my friends who were over that evening kept joking that they must have pig in them.  I'm sure the Italian immigrants who brought this recipe to America will be none too happy with me, but I'm keeping the PIGGY name!  It's cute.

bad-lazy-use-of-cell-phone-camera photo -sorry

The cookies were awesome!  Nice and chewey with HUGE almond flavor, of which I am a big fan.  I may add them to online store, but the use of almond paste and pine nuts may not make them very cost effective.  We'll see!

Speaking of the online store....  I have set a launch date:  March 28!  In just 10 short days you may begin to order Snicker-Angels, Snicker-Devils, Rockin' Roads, Peanut Butter, and the newest additions to the Donut Girl art gallery:

Oh, and a happy (snowy) Monday to you!  Wtf??  I thought we were done with this weather??  

Looking forward to the 85 degree weater in Austin, TX.......

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