Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ginger Molasses Cookies .....

... an exercise in futility.

This weekend my friends who moved into the house next door had their official house warming party, so, of course, my first thought was, "what am I gonna bake??"  I was super excited to have an opportunity to break away from the past few weeks of recipe testing in preparation for the Etsy store launch and bake something DIFFERENT!  Don't get me wrong, I love my cookies, but I am growing tired of the routine that has limited me to "shippable" cookies.

I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try a recipe I blogged about last month, Ginger Molasses Sandwich Cookies.  They looked so cute and bite-sized (perfect for an hors d'oeuvres table), and the combination of spice and cream cheese filling sounded just right before spring kicks in and such a combo would be too "wintery".

All started out well....i took a nice before shot:

then came the problems.....

Now, let me preface this with how beautiful I think this cookbook is.  The photographs are stunning; the recipes are creative, but this recipe was MESSED UP.  Here is a link to their blog with the exact same recipe posted.   

I knew ahead of time from reading her blog that the flour amount needed adjustment.  Ok.  No biggie.  Good to be in the know.  But, there appears to be several other typos/omissions in the recipe.  2 items in the ingredient list NEVER appear in the instructions, so I had to guess.  AND, the worst part was that I was on a schedule to get to the party on time, and the recipe was GROSSLY misleading as to how long you needed to chill the dough before working with it.  In fairness, however, I was using 2 spoons to drop the dough, not the recommended "1 tablespoon ice cream scoop".  That probably would have helped.

Long story short-ish... I basically ended up having to use super gooey, not-chilled-nearly-enough dough, and I ended up with cookies the size of whoopie pies as a consequence...not exactly bite size.  Anyway, it was super-frustrating, took WAAAAY longer than it should have, but everyone at the party loved them, so can I really complain?  Well, obviously I just did.

I was so over it that I took no "after" photo.  sorry.  Here's a shot of the host with a now-illegal can of 4 LOKO.  We keep it classy in KC, right?



  1. The Four Loko probably singed everyone's taste buds off anyway

  2. You can count on me...