Friday, March 4, 2011

more cookie art!

I finished up 2 more cookie designs last night:

the most METAL cookie of them ALL!
If you are surprised that the Peanut Butter cookie is the first of the series that is NOT a vegan cookie (and it won't be the last), let me take this opportunity to talk about how exactly Donut Girl rolls..... 

Reason #1- 
While I label myself an "animal-friendly" bakery, I do NOT bake exclusively vegan products.  I understand that many vegans out there may then take issue with labeling myself as animal-friendly, BUT that's what I consider myself and my bakery to be: animal-friendly vegetarian. What I feel sets me and my business apart from those who are simply "vegetarian" is that I take reasonable measures to ensure that the animal products I DO use (butter, eggs, cream, etc.) are sourced from farms that I feel make life as nice as possible for the animal "employees". 

Also, while I support and understand those who choose the vegan lifestyle, I feel it is very important to support those farms that ARE making the effort to provide humanely-farmed animal products.  Without our support, we will be left with nothing but factory farmed grossness to choose from.

Anyway...speech over!  Please send hate mail to donutgirlkc at geemail dot com.  Thank you.

Moving on to Reason #2- 
I tested a vegan PB cookie recipe, and you know what??  It sucked.  Ok, well it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good either.  Donut Girl has a hard and fast rule on what vegan cookies it considers suitable for nomming:  It must taste AS GOOD AS OR BETTER than its traditional counterpart! 

The vegan PB cookie simply didn't make the cut.  But the traditional one pictured above in all its copyright-pushing glory is just what a PB cookie should be:  chewy, crunchy, and CLASSIC!  (just like "Dr." Peanut, right?)

And here's today token kitty photo.  Tigger is available for adoption at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, MO, and as you can tell, she is a real awesome snuggler.  He got so comfortable in my lap he started looking a little stoned!  I love a good lap kitty.

Happy Friday to all!

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