Monday, March 28, 2011

the beginnings of a Taz groom's cake...

Despite the heartbreaking loss suffered by my beloved KU Jayhawks this weekend, I was successful in getting things rolling with a groom's cake for Friday. 

2 of my good friends are getting married, and my gift to them is a cake in honor of 2 things:  the fact that the groom is a drummer and that he has an awful first tattoo on his arm of Taz ripping out of his skin with drumsticks in hand.  It's really something you have to see in person to truly appreciate.  The cake version will feature Taz ripping out of the top of his snare drum.  I was able to knock out the Taz part yesterday, and the rest will come together this week.

armless Taz

Before I began my work, I rescued some dafodills from the incoming spring snow storm and enjoyed them while I worked in the kitchen with the cats locked safely upstairs. 

Typically, I'm not allowed to have flowers in the house, as Charlotte (aka "The Scurge" or "Harlot") will try to eat them.  I've tried putting them at the top of Mike's 6 foot tall record/book cases, but this only encourages her to try to scale the tower of vinyl records. *sigh*

Here's some other random sweetness to get you through Monday:

a sampling of the flavored cane sugars I found at the Whole Foods in Dallas
- i couldn't decide on just 1 so i left empty handed-
they had everything form ancho chili to blueberry

Gus's standard sleeping pose :)

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