Monday, February 28, 2011

snickerdoodles x2

No baking happened this weekend. 

Ok, that's a lie.  I pulled some PB and Snickerdoodle dough out of the freezer for my crew on Saturday night to accompany movie night.  But no NEW baking happened.  My buddy, Joe, commented on my obsession, "There could be an orgy going on in the other room and you'd STILL be baking!" he stated.  Well put.

I AM, however, getting ever closer to re-launching my page to make some DG cookies available for purchase online.  I really wanted to have my own online storefront ready under the domain, but it's just not gonna happen in time for my ebiz Etsy will have to do for now.

In addition to all the photos you have seen of the cookies I have been baking, I am also creating "diagrams" of each cookie to go along with the design emphasis of DG.  Here are examples of the first 2 I have completed:  The Snicker-Angel (vegan snickerdoodles) and The Snicker-Devil (vegan, spicy chocolate snickerdoodles).   


I also paid a visit to Wayside Waifs on Saturday to hang with my kitty friends.  Here's my favorite dude right now:  

Brice has a reputation around the shelter for being "temperamental", but I find him to be sweet as pie.  He loves curl up in my lap or give me head butts in his kennel.  I did have one incident with him when I was leaning down for a head butt, and he gave me a good whack on the head instead.   But he didn't use his claws, and I actually found it very funny.  I guess he just wants to be left alone sometimes, and he's not afraid to tell you.  I can relate to long as the claws stay in the paw.  He also apparently "sits" on command, but I haven't witnessed that either.


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