Friday, February 4, 2011

cupcake overload!

I have LOTS going on this weekend.  I'm so busy I have cupcakes cooling next to me in a cardboard box at work because I didn't want to leave them out to get dry at home. *sigh*

In addition to (belated) Groundhog Cupcakes for Sunday brunch AND Superbowl cupcakes (which, let's be honest, will the be the leftovers from the other 2 events), I have the pleasure of delivering an order to Birdies- Kansas City's best intimate apparel boutique.   I can only hope that my Raspberry and Boulevard Stout Chocolate cakes are sexy enough for such an event.  Shamefully, I have NEVER been to Birdies, and if you haven't either, tomorrow would be a good time to show some love.  7pm - 116 W. 18 Street, KCMO -in the Crossroads District.  Local songstress Emily Frost will also be preforming.

Oh, and here's your gratuitous cute kitty photo to hold you over for the weekend.  See you all Monday!
*slurp*  I love you.


  1. Cat, that is the cutest photo ever! You need to send it to Barbara Poe to use in the CAT1 slideshow. It is too cute not to share with the world. Okay, so the world of Wayside cat volunteers!

  2. i'll have to ask my friend where it came from. it just showed up in my email one day!