Friday, February 18, 2011

weekly wrap-up

Well, I survived another week of school...barely.  I am still buried in the business model stage which wouldn't be so bad except I have a nasty habit of getting thrown off track by unnecessary elements.  For example:  the plan requests that I draw a simple diagram of how my business operations will flow. Easy enough. I then get over-excited about how I could incorporate a schematic of how the cookies are made and packaged and turn it into a cool way of advertising the cookies.  So instead of getting actual WORK done, I spend precious time doodling the following:

Soooo, basically i need to find a way to not get distracted by non-class business tactics/shiny things, for now, and focus on the boring, but necessary, elements of a business model. 

Wish me luck.  Here are your cute kitty pics.  xoxo

my boys, Gary & Ashataka

the cookies that stated it all - recordBar 45s - and Linus, working on quality control

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