Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So, I am still knee-deep in working on my business model, which I really didn't think would be so bad because it requires me to write about something that actually interests me:  my business!   UGH!  How wrong I was.  I'm swamped with redundant questions about things that all sound the same to me.  Do you know the difference between the "key resources" and "key activities" required for a "value proposition"??  Me neither.

So, today's post is dedicated to the cute and creative side of my business I'd rather be focusing on:  ideas for cookies and cool decor ideas for a bakery.  Please join me in ignoring my problems for a minute......xoxo

 I love these jumbo size versions of frosted animal crackers from Bake at 350I get lots of great decorating tips from her blog.

This is something I've been dying to try for awhile.  It's a chiffon cake, but the purple color comes from purple sweet potato flour, not food color. 
I found it on la ciliegina sulla torta, but the site is Italian and the Google translation leaves something to be desired.

Nutella Squirrels!  from my KC fav Dolce Baking Co.

Obviously, this is a little extravagant for a bakery, but I LOVE the striped wall in DG colors, pink and green.  I found this on Design*Sponge, but I cannot find the direct source. 
Please don't sue me.

mmmmmm, donut fabric.


  1. Do you ever make nutella cookies? I love nutella.

    Let me know if you ever need the Italian site translated!

  2. not yet! but i'm totally gonna steal this idea at some point :)