Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How I Got My Name....

Last night I received an awesome email request asking if I can produce 300 pink donut holes for an order next weekend.  There's only 1 small problem:  I've never made a donut in my life!  So, why did I name my company "Donut Girl"???  Here's the deal:

You see, I didn't name myself "Donut Girl" becaue I MAKE donuts, I did it because I LOVE donuts.  So much so, that I combined my love of donuts with my love of the Simpsons into the tattoos on my wrists:

For further reference, please consult this Simpsons clip in which Homer sells his soul for a donut:

Basically the equation for Donut Girl would look something like this:
So, despite the fact I've never made donuts, I'm actually really hoping that the company who requested I make 300 donut holes for them will allow me the opportunity to use their order as test run.  I would test a batch this weekend, and if all goes well I could have their 300 for next week.  I have actually been planning all the while to learn how to make small batch, foofy flavored donuts so I can live up to my moniker.  I recently purchased this book to get me started:

I'll let you know what happens....

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