Thursday, February 10, 2011

thank you!

Thanks for all the survey responses, folks.  Looks like Peanut Butter is the winner!  I will make sure to have an awesome PB cookie available for purchase when the online store opens (April?). 

Right now I am super busy with trying to keep up with school AND get the online store together.  There is so much to be done.....decide on a website design, get help with creating it, do my business model and plan for the e-commerce class.  ACCCKK!  On top of these things, I've got so many ideas buzzing in my head for package design, web design, etc.  Oh, yeah!  And I still have to finish up all the hard "research" of figuring out which recipes will make the cut. 

Once I decide on the final flavors for the store, I am going to be distributing sampler packs to local businesses that might be interested in carrying DG cookies...with easy, online ordering capability.  Please send any interesed parties my way, and I will be sure to get them samples.

Also, I think there is still time to hop (huh huh huh) on over to the Leaping Bunny page on Facebook and "LIKE" little Homer pictured below in their "cutest photo" contest.  Homer was one of my foster kitties last summer,& I still miss him!  You have to actually "like" Leaping Bunny in order to "like" the photo of Homer...just an FYI.  xoxo

Tonight:  making Brownie Drops!

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