Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's raining donuts!

So funny.  It seems like ever since I posted about the origin of the Donut Girl name yesterday, donuts are everywhere!  Check out this hilarious gif I found...the look on Marge's face is priceless.

In addition, two of my favorite donut companies were featured in this article.  One is the Doughnut Plant in NYC.  Hands down the best donuts I've ever had in life.  Their "Tres Leches" cake donut is to die for.  I think I still have one in my freezer from my last trip to's probably past its prime.  *sigh* such a waste :(

The Doughnut Plant

The other I have actually never tried, but their business model cracks me up!  It's called Psycho Donuts from San Jose, CA.  Everything, including the donuts are mental-health themed.  Example:  a "mood swing" donut with peanuts on one half and shredded coconut on the other!  My absolute fav is the "Confortably Numb" which looks like a dude in a little straight jacket.  I think the company has taken some heat from not being politically correct, but I have experience with mental illness first hand, and I find it hilarious.  Relax!  Here, have a Xanax. 

If I wasn't so dead set on having creative control, I'd franchise one of these in KC in a heartbeat!

he looks so happy!  how you ganna hate on that?

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